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Who are we

In the heart of San Juan, there is a store with a story. Right before your eyes, a young couple, local poet Lady Lee Andrews and French painter Nicolas Thomassin follow the tradition of the most unique craft in Old San Juan. They individually hand paint replicas of historical buildings and doors, capturing the magic of the old city.

Each piece is a unique work of art handcrafted and signed by the artists.

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Our inspiration

We draw our inspiration from the magnificent colonial structures that make Old San Juan the best preserved example of spanish colonial architecture in the Americas. Founded more the four centuries ago, it is city of lush gardens, blue copplestoned, wrought iron balconies and inviting interior patios.

Most of its buildings have mantained their historical integrity and are still supported by their original wooden beams.

How do we make our houses?


Each piece is an original design created at the store


We use rubber molds and pottery plaster


We handpaint each piece at the store


It is then signed by the artist


Each piece can be personnalized free of charge